The Soul Of epirus


This brilliant Greek duo springs from ancient ground but fluently speaks to modern times.
— Eugene Friesen
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About The Album

This album is based on a creative approach to the instrumental pieces and the playing style established by the great clarinetist from Epirus (Northwestern Greece), Kitsos Harisiadis, in the decade of 1920-30. This time, focus is on a new dialogue between the master clarinetist Petroloukas Halkias and the laouto virtuso Vasilis Kostas, through which this music is translated based on the conversation between the two musical instruments. Kitsos Harisiadis created a unique and yet complex musical language based on the repertoire of Epirus, which Petroloukas Halkias maintained and further developed throughout his life. Vasilis Kostas now translates this playing philosophy from Petroloukas Halkias’ clarinet into his laouto. 

The dialogue between clarinet and laouto [...] transports us back to a time over a hundred years ago when legendary Kitsos Harisiadis defined the philosophy of Epirotic music. That this primal way of making music has survived and flourished despite the ravages of time is astonishing. “
— Christopher C. King